I use to feel annoyed when people came to me for advice. “Oh great, someone else with some other problems that I barely care about, and somehow I’m suppose to magically fix it.”

Then I realized what a big honor it is that people, some of my best friends, come ask me what to do. They say that I’m the only person they can get a real honest opinion from. I’m sorry that I felt inconvenienced. My friends are important to me, and I’m glad they can confide in me when they have big choices to make. 

Even though they’re not reading this, I thank them all for continuously having faith in my opinions and choices - even enough to ask for my help - when I have very little confidence in what I’m doing with myself.


“They are taking control of the water supply. They are breaking dams, and flooding crops, and destroying the food supply of an entire country. They are forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes. It seems that there is a hand behind all of this. They are very calculating. They are making their moves very carefully to destroy the human soul. They want to rob an entire people of food and water and homes, as if to wipe them from the pages of history. And when they take the homes from these people, the children have no place to play. The children have no place to be young. No physical space, and no emotional space. They have no place to be a child, so their only frame of reference is war and fighting. And when that’s all they know, how can they grow up to be doctors and teachers? All they can possibly know is the desire for revenge and hatred for their enemies. I wish people would understand that Iraq is filled with intelligent, civilized people. This was the cradle of civilization in the Ancient World. Even the Garden of Eden was here. These aren’t dust covered, nameless refugees being forced from their homes. The refugee camps are filled with architects, and musicians, and teachers.”

(Source: astarnomy)




A Brain-Like Building Turned into a Twisting Video Mapping Light Show


Life has been raining shit and my emotional umbrella is about to break. I really hope we can keep our heads above the water until this cloud lifts. 


“The economy’s tough. They say that to stay relevant in the job market, you’re supposed to reinvent yourself every five years. What the hell is that supposed to mean? I haven’t invented myself once!”